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    Alter Asset Management doesn’t have an institutional or shareholder mandate that precludes certain product categories.

    Over 41 years, we have managed the single-story flex product that defined the post-war economic boom; the trophy offices and corporate build-to-suits that thrived in the 1980s; the backroom data centers and high-cube distribution centers that sprung in the 1990s; the green buildings and large mixed-use environments that fueled the 2000s; and the largest co-working spaces that today promote collaboration and synergy. In addition, we were one of the first national firms to focus on healthcare real estate. And, because we are owners ourselves, we understand the strategy of running a portfolio – from underwriting to retenanting to repositioning to disposition.
    Alter Asset Management was an early mover in the field of healthcare real estate 15 years ago when hospitals needed to outsource the development and management of their ambulatory assets in response to drastic cuts in reimbursements. Since then, we’ve managed mission-critical ambulatory treatment facilities from AZ to FL. During that time, we’ve adapted to the new era of healthcare reform with its need for an enhanced patient experience, greater communication between providers and a closer alignment between physician and hospital to achieve the goals of better outcomes and value. Based on a comprehensive study of the property structures, AAM designs a strategic property management strategy for every medical asset. This includes a physician recruitment plan, maintenance program, capital improvement projects, property inspection schedules, reporting protocols, annual budgets, insurance bonding and accounts payable. In addition, our contingency planning assures tenants of uninterrupted service in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Our roster of hospital clients includes major hospital systems and single-physician practices as well as the leading edge of diagnostics and imaging services.