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    Real estate has bounced back across all sectors.

    Real Estate remains a favorite investment asset with downtowns and half of suburbs in expansion mode. The spread between cap rates for a Class A office, healthcare or industrial asset in a primary versus secondary MSA is less than 50 basis points. To maintain premium pricing in the market, an investor or owner today needs their building to maintain the highest operational standards. Buildings slated for refinancing or disposition are being scrutinized by lenders to assess the quality of their management. AAM recognizes the critical role that property management plays in an owner’s business strategy. For us, it starts with configuring the optimal tenant mix to enhance the value of the asset. From leasing to the tenant improvements to the move-in and long term tenancy, AAM assures that the building always delivers a high-touch, professional experience. Over the life of the asset, AAM performs the budgeting, reporting, business planning and capital improvements needed to maintain and enhance asset quality. And we control operating costs with our rigorous oversight of insurance, administration, utilities and tax expenses. Along the way, AAM focuses on energy management, building efficiency, process automation, vendor procurement and transparency so the process is always smooth and successful.